The Review Puzzle: Why Do Escape Room Reviews Vary?

Tue, 10 Dec, 2019

Sometimes you will find that a particular Escape Room you are interested in has different reviews. Reviews are so diverse that you even begin to question their reliability!

Escape room reviews can differ because everyone has their own preferences and you only get one shot to experience it. Discover further insights...

Personal Interests

Due to the variety of themes and genres, you will always find something that matches your personal preferences. When choosing an escape room, your personal preferences are crucial. Remember that you will be in an incredibly immersive atmosphere for an hour. So make sure to choose something that suits your taste.

Unlock the perfect escape room experience. Don't let fear ruin your enjoyment. Avoid horror-themed rooms if they don't align with your preferences. Rate rooms positively based on your personal tastes and embrace the thrill of the adventure.

Changes in the Rooms

Competent escape room providers regularly make adjustments to keep things fresh and up to date. 

They're all about taking feedback and making the necessary improvements to make sure you have the best experience in the room! This is why the review date holds significance. Older reviews being negative and newer ones turning positive? That's a sign they've made some changes in the room!

The Chance to Impress

Always remember that escape rooms offer a one-time experience. Subsequent runs lose their sense of challenge as you already know the answers to the puzzles. Your experience is all about winning, having a blast with your group, and dealing with any bumps along the way.