What our children can teach us in Escape Rooms!

Thu, 11 Jun, 2020

You surely know, we can learn a lot from our children. Escape Rooms are a place where teenagers have the freedom to find their own way in a safe environment. It may sound like a chaotic prospect, but here we have seen how children have exceeded expectations - and even taught us adults one or two important life skills! Let's take a look at what that could be...

#1 Stranger Things Have Happened...

Achieving a successful escape hinges on the ability to think outside the box - a forte of children. Teenagers, with their natural imagination, often come up with creative solutions that may seem far-fetched to adults. The weirder and more alien an idea is, the better!

#2 Moving Forward Quickly

Let's just say that children do not have a reputation for their attention span... While this might be an obstacle in the classroom, it's a whole different story in an Escape Room environment!

We have seen many teams get fixated on a single idea that they just don't want to give up. Children, on the other hand, have mastered the art of moving on quickly when it's clear that a solution won't work!

Experience the brilliance of our children in Escape Rooms, where their fresh perspective and creativity inspire valuable life lessons.

#3 Seeking Help

When it comes to asking for help, children are brilliant, and adults... not so much. When children encounter a problem, they don't hesitate to ask the next friend or adult for an explanation. This curious mindset is perfect for Escape Rooms, as you need to solve one problem after another. If you ever find yourself truly stuck on an seemingly unsolvable puzzle, just ask the game master for a clue!

#4 Simple is Clever

In this game, you have only 60 minutes to finish, which is generally sufficient for the average group. However, be cautious of overthinking, as time can swiftly disappear!

Adults often try to be too cute or clever when it really just comes down to simplicity. One of the enticing aspects of escape room psychology is the blend of puzzle complexities, ranging from simple to intricate. Along with a sprinkle of distractions, this creates an atmosphere that keeps you second-guessing your every move.


Do we need to say more? Escape Games can be competitive, intense, challenging, and frustrating - all of that is possible! But you should always remember one simple fact: it's just a game. 

Take a step back, keep every option open, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere with your friends, family, and loved ones. The most important thing is the enjoyment derived from the experience.