Love and Adventure: 5 Reasons to Try an Escape Room Date

Tue, 21 Jan, 2020

When considering our date options, dinner or a movie always come through - they've never disappointed! Unfortunately, both options are rather common and not as exciting anymore.

To truly make our date memorable, let's do something special - an escape room! Nothing beats the shared anticipation, excitement, and thrill as you both try to escape the room together. The best idea to secure a next date!

Fantastic Icebreakers

Noticing some awkwardness during your "traditional date"? One challenge is the expectation to constantly engage in conversation. It can be tough if you haven't fully connected with the other person yet. This is where escape rooms stand out as a date idea!

Engaging Adventures: Escape Rooms as Memorable Dates!

You'll be engrossed as a team, solving activities and puzzles, and the chemistry between you will build naturally. Afterwards, you can grab a coffee to discuss the adventure you experienced.

Valuable Experience

Dates can be expensive. If you want to avoid a hole in your wallet, escape games are totally worth it - take it literally. Fun activities await you in that one hour. In the end, the money will have been worth it for the great experience you shared!

Date to Remember: Create Memories in an Escape Room!

Photo for the Occasion

After finishing the escape game, whether you succeeded or not, you can take a photo with costumes and props.

Even if you don't meet your date again, the photo is a nice memory of the exciting puzzles you solved. Perhaps the photo will also remind your date to pick up the phone to arrange a new date!

Fun and More Fun

If it's not clear enough yet - escape rooms are AWESOME!

Step into a world of diverse themes, captivating interior designs, and exciting activities. Your mood will soar on this memorable date!

The experience alone is incredible and definitely worth your time!