Escape Rooms: Where Fear Comes to Play

Thu, 18 Jun, 2020

Fear is a universal experience, capable of evoking intense reactions within us. While it can be terrifying, it is an essential aspect of being human. Fear can be rational, irrational, or stem from deep-seated primitive instincts.

In their horror-themed rooms, Escape Game designers demonstrate their skill by integrating various fear triggers effectively. The result is a crafted adventure that immerses participants in an environment of fear and thrill, ensuring non-stop fun.

Let's delve into different types of fear and how they might unfold in an escape game environment...

Fear #1

Type: Rational Fear

Definition: A response to a real and immediate threat

Escape games often tap into a diluted form of rational fear - diluted because players are never truly in danger.

A classic example is the commonly used crime or "serial killer" themed rooms that employ live actors. As participants immersed in this high-stakes scenario, we're fully aware that the perceived threats are actors. Despite this, it's immensely challenging to shake off a fleeting sense of fear when a facsimile weapon is in hot pursuit.

Fear #2

Type: Irrational Fear (Phobia)

Definition: An illogical reaction to something, despite the knowledge that it poses no real threat.

Escape games excel in capitalizing on our irrational Fears or Phobias to create a truly frightening ambiance. The key point here is that players might feel scared or experience downright terror. Even so, the game ensures their safety throughout its duration.

Irrational fears vary from person to person and cover themes like clowns (coulrophobia), darkness (skotophobia), and even fruits (fructophobia)!

Fear #3

Type: Primal Fear

Definition: An evolutionary fear reaction that's a result of our inherent survival instincts.

Every one of us possesses a primal fear response that kicks in when faced with a primitive or natural threat.

This instinctual feeling of being stalked is like a sixth sense, resonating in the back of our minds. It harks back to our hunter-gatherer past. Our prehistoric ancestors had to continually be on guard against threats from predators in the wild...

In Escape Games, expect to see images of snakes, spiders, and bugs, all designed to tap into your primal fears.