Escape Room Prep: First-Timer's Guide

Thu, 06 Feb, 2020

If you are an Escape Room newcomer planning your first adventure, then you've come to the right place! Get ready for an exhilarating Escape Room adventure! Here's what to expect and how to prepare for maximum enjoyment on your big day...

Project Leader?

If you're looking for an efficient "beat-the-clock" type of experience, selecting a project leader is the way to go. Okay, okay, we understand that anything related to a "project manager" may not sound fun, right? The designated project leader adds a unique and entertaining aspect to Escape Games, playing a crucial role in your group's success.

Don't overcomplicate it

Stay focused and avoid overanalyzing; simplicity leads to success. So, just remember, anyone should be able to complete an Escape Room in the given time! Typically, we give you an hour to escape, which might not appear to be a substantial amount of time. However, rest assured, you have more than enough time to successfully escape.

Escape Room Success: Tips for Max Fun and Triumph!

Organization is key!

Designate a specific area of the room for all found hidden objects and clues. Create a separate pile for used locks and keys from solved puzzles. This will help you understand the bigger picture and give you a sense of what to do next. Rule of thumb: don't let your teammates wander around with items without consulting with the group first!

The game's backstory is important

The game master skillfully sets the scene, offering context and hints about the room's theme. This happens before the doors lock behind you.

This is to YOUR advantage, so listen carefully, and you may pick up some secret Escape tips for the room! If the room includes a live actor, pay attention to what they have to show you. It might help you if you get really stuck...

Play it in a group!

Sometimes, a fresh perspective is all you need to solve the challenging puzzles. Go through the room thoroughly with your team members before giving up completely. An Escape Room is a TEAM game! If you play the lone wolf, your group won't get anywhere!