Considerations for Escape Room Visits with Children

Fri, 26 Jul, 2019

1. Choose a suitable theme!

First - and this is obvious - choose a theme that is clearly appealing to the child. Some family-friendly escape game themes include Historical, Fantasy Adventure, and True to Life. There are many more, so you should explore. The considerations for children relate to rooms based on horror and murder motifs.

2. Explain your thought process to younger players!

When solving a code, puzzle, or finding something hidden, explain why and how you're doing it. Don't let the children feel left out or unimportant during the escape room in Vienna.

Embrace the distinct outlook of kids in escape rooms, lend an ear to their ideas, and marvel at their knack for problem-solving.

3. Find suitable tasks that children can enjoy!

If the room contains simple puzzles, we encourage children to begin with them. Let them enjoy the thrill of solving puzzles, immersing in the challenge, and showcasing their problem-solving skills. While breaking records isn't essential, it's important to keep the pace engaging to prevent the group of teenagers from getting bored. Otherwise, you won't be able to make the most of an escape room with children in Vienna.

4. Choose a room with unlimited hint possibilities!

Children are naturally curious and won't have any problems asking for hints. We wouldn't recommend choosing an escape game in Vienna for children with only a few clues.

5. Take a breather and reassess!

Lastly, as adults, we sometimes underrate the abilities of our children in a rational and intelligent world. A child's perspective in their surroundings is vastly different from that of an adult. They approach things from a simpler perspective as they don't think as complex. Listen carefully to what they have to say - you'll be surprised!