cube cube

NoWayOut first portable escape game

The Magic Cube

What is The Magic Cube?

It's a wooden box 1x1 meter filled with puzzles and riddles. Each player gets a magic wand and the game begins! The goal is to get the treasure hidden inside the Cube by solving all the tasks. The game lasts for 30 minutes and is suitable for up to 6 players at once.


1m x 1m x 1m dimensions

It knows real magic

14 puzzles to solve

It speaks german and english!

suprise once you solve it

The story

A treasure that can give eternal life to anyone has been missing for centuries. The legend says, the Philosopher's Stone was locked in a magic box by the most powerful wizards of all times and no one has seen it ever since. No one except you!

Your team of sorcerers has to solve all puzzles of The Magic Cube. You're the only hope for the wizarding world! If the dark powers get to the Philosopher's Stone before you finish, the ancient evil will be back to life. Hurry up! You've got only 30 minutes to save the world!

Spice up your party with a portable escape game

The Magic Cube can be played on site as a usual escape game. Or it can be delivered to your venue for a corporate event, birthday party or any other occasion. To book the game for your event, please, fill the form below:

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